Abacre Photo Downloader 1.0: Quickly find and download pictures from Web sites

Abacre Photo Downloader 1.0

Downloader you can quickly find and download pictures from Web sites. Specify URL of web site with photos (JPEG and GIF), then you can set if you want to download them from only this page, this domain, only form subfolders, or from all available pages. Then program starts to download images in multiple threads into given folder. You can preview downloaded pictures. This program saves hours of web surfing. It uses only HTTP protocol to download the

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Ares Galaxy Download Client 2.62: Search and download music, movies, and other media files from the Ares network.

Ares Galaxy Download Client 2.62

Search and download music, movies, and other media files from the Ares network. Ares Galaxy Download Client is a next generation file sharing program that has been optimized to efficiently download music, movies, and other media files from the Ares network. The combination of a powerful P2P engine and a lightweight user interface without unnecessary, resource wasting features makes Ares Galaxy Download Client the ideal choice for anyone.

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Adsen Image Grab 1.2: A basic free image downloader.

Adsen Image Grab 1.2

Adsen Image Grab is a free image downloader used to easily download images from a website. You can download images that are linked from the site or download images that are shown on the website. It lists the images along with the size of them and allows you to choose the ones you wish to download. The webpage, in which you are retrieving the images from, is shown as well for your convenience..

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AmiPic Lite 6.15: Internet search and download tool,pics finder,offline webspider and file spliter

AmiPic Lite 6.15

download options speed-up web sites processing. Some its features are listed below: - Web pages and files search and download - Custom search engines scripting lets you add and modify search engines manually - Advanced download options to speed-up files retrieval - Your own off-line search engine finds text in saved documents - Ability to resume broken downloads - Ability to block unwanted content sites on-the-fly - Favorite sites for high priority

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Another File 2.03: Another file is intended for downloading pictures automatically from newsgroups.

Another File 2.03

Another file is intended for downloading pictures and other file attachments automatically from newsgroups. Just select the groups to scan and Another File does the rest. And it saves your bandwidth by remembering articles that you downloaded before. During scanning you can preview last downloaded picture as a thumbnail or a full-size image and delete it immediately if you do not like it.

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V9 Player 5.1.90: Multi- functional player with universal decoding, high speed download & playing

V9 Player 5.1.90

downloads of videos, and instant access to videos anywhere in any format including BitTorrents, which ensures the best downloading and watching experience. You can use just one player to cover any files you have, such as those on your disk, those in download process, and even BitTorrents. You don’t have to bother to have several types of media players in your computer because V9 Player supports over 600 audio and video formats including Flash,

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2000 Lights Go Down (Evaluation) 1.50: Screen Saver Collection, includes Randomizer, Bitmap Show, 24 animations

2000 Lights Go Down (Evaluation) 1.50

Down (Evaluation) v1.50 [ASP] - Screen Saver Collection, Windows XP/2000/Me/98/95/NT. Includes Randomizer (can call other 32-bit screen savers and 2kLGD modules), bitmap show (supports Windows .BMP and .JPG files). 24 screen saver animations (Registered version: 50 modules). Superb effects - see yourself! Freeware version with 12 savers also available. ZDnet: 5 Stars! German version also available. Registration: "Pure" Version US$ 9.90 / 6.99 Download

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1ClickWebSlideShow 2.0: An intelligent image downloader and viewer

1ClickWebSlideShow 2.0

1ClickWebSlideShow is an intelligent image downloader and viewer. It searches a given Web site for pictures, downloads them onto your hard disk and uses the built-in full-screen image viewer to perform a real-time slide-show. Extra fast HTML parsing algorithm and intelligent navigation engine allow to watch sites in the slide-show mode even on a slow modem connection. No advertising, no annoying pop-up windows, no viruses, no thumbnails!

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Smart Data Recovery Mobile 2.1: Recover deleted files securely by running data recovery from a USB flash drive.

Smart Data Recovery Mobile 2.1

download a file, your chances get even lower. If you install data recovery software to your hard drives, chances are that by then it is already too late to hope for successful recovery of your document. For best chances of successfully recovery you should minimize any disk write operations. Your best bet is downloading and installing a data recovery tool well in advance, storing it in a safe place such as your USB flash drive, and not on your hard

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Advanced RSS2Web Professional 3.14.101: Automatically publish aggregated news pages or articles on your website

Advanced RSS2Web Professional 3.14.101

Advanced RSS2Web helps you to: download newsfeeds in RSS and XML format, reformat them according to user-defined HTML templates, upload results to website via shared folder or ftp, work with free newsfeeds and articles available for download and redistribution.

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